Txini at work

Txini Elorriaga

All my pieces are original and unique, even digital ones; to me it is important the traditional value of a unique piece.

Every art piece will be delivered in a deep wooden frame with "passe-partout" and glass. I attach a label on the back of the frame with technical recommendations of use, both graphically and in writing. Both screw hook and eye for the hanging of the piece will be provided. The piece will be pre-drilled on the back to facilitate its hanging.

I send the pieces securely packed using leading world-wide courier service. Shipping and wrapping costs are not included and will be individually calculated and advised. I will not make any margin on the shipping costs.

You may be interested in knowing that I am qualified to create cartoon characters for animation movies. I can develop a genuine stage design for a theatre play or represent graphically one of your dreams and transmitting a secret you will not share.

Returning to the issue in hand, If you are interested in purchasing any of my art pieces or you are interested in a commission of a cartoon character you may contact me at mail or phone below:


    1. Place the light over the artwork.

    2. Do not expose to sunlight.

    3. Avoid getting it wet.

    4. Hang it to eye level.